Lynk launches Buyside Power Women Initiative

Hong Kong – August 12, 2020 – Lynk, a pioneer of the knowledge-as-a-service industry, today announced the launch of Buyside Power Women, an editorial series that aims to increase visibility of female leaders and male allies in the investment management industry. 

Peggy Choi, Founder and CEO of Lynk, said: “As a woman coming from the buyside myself, I have seen many women, despite being qualified for the roles, choose to opt out of a career on the buyside for reasons such as lifestyle or absence of sponsorship. Now, as a CEO, I strive to create an environment that is inclusive for all our team members, regardless of one’s background, and see driving diversity within the industries that we serve as part of Lynk’s mission. As you can see from the leaders in this Buyside Power Women series, there are many tangible ways for firms to help women take more calculated risks on a more even playing field.”     

With regular editorial articles and live events, Buyside Power Women features top industry leaders on the buyside from all regions to highlight how advocacy for diversity could influence future capital allocation. Among the leading voices featured are top executives from global firms including PIMCO, AIA, Schroders, BNY Mellon Investment Management alongside regional buyside firms.

Kimberley Stafford, Managing Director and Head of APAC of PIMCO, sees increasing the talent pool on the buyside as a top priority, “we have been seeing a decline in terms of female MBA students opting to focus on finance…When we asked them about the reason why, the majority of them told us they just could not envision how they could integrate a career on the buyside and the personal life that they want. So one thing the buyside needs to do more is spend time demystifying how it is possible to have a fruitful personal life and career life on the buyside as this will help increase the talent pool.”

Mark Konyn, CIO of AIA Group, an outspoken advocate for women empowerment on the buyside, said, “I’ve worked alongside many great women who contributed significantly and consistently over time. Yet, as I reflect back, have women fulfilled their potential at senior levels? Probably not. If you go back 20 years in Asia, you could say women representation was still nascent and needed time to develop, but that’s no longer an excuse in 2020.”

Virginie Maisonneuve, Founding Partner and CEO of MGA Consulting, suggested, “if financial firms are required to report on sustainability and ESG, and if regulators also ask for those reporting, companies across the globe will have to think more about sustainability and diversity. If we start measuring everything, the bigger picture will become clearer.”

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