Letter From Lynk CEO: Our Revamped Look and New Purpose

By Peggy Choi

As unprecedented circumstances pave way to a new normal, the world is also making the shift towards a knowledge-based economy. With that, it is time for Lynk to embrace a new look and reinforce our commitment to enabling knowledge-as-a-service at scale by powering the next generation knowledge management platform.

Intelligently Connected – New Look & New Messages

The newly revamped identity highlights our bold mission to power the knowledge economy, and amplifies the impact of the world’s knowledge that helps our customers create a competitive edge. It signifies how our platform uses data and technology to understand, map, and organize individuals and their expertise, connecting customers to the diverse perspectives they need to inform business decisions.

Our new logo is designed to symbolize our knowledge platform and the timely, intelligent connections it creates. The vibrant colors signal our proactive approach, and we also use them for data visualization to convey messages in a compelling and informative way – exactly the qualities that we strive to bring to our customers and experts.

The Power of the Knowledge Platform

The Lynk Knowledge Platform redefines traditional expert networks and pioneers the knowledge-as-a-service category. We are dedicated to unlocking knowledge and insights from around the world through providing a variety of knowledge solutions. Today, we introduce Lynk Answers – the new name for our customer-facing platform Lynk Enterprise and the first product of its kind in the industry – with more new features to be launched in Q4 this year. 

Not only do we strive to further enhance the quality of Lynk’s solutions, we will also continue to innovate and help customers seek, build, and share knowledge. That being said, revealing our new identity only marks the beginning of a series of exciting changes to Lynk’s category-leading platform. 

Reflecting on the Lynk Journey

It was 2015 when Lynk was born and since then, we have experienced tremendous growth. We started out with a mission to democratize access to knowledge in a small office in a shophouse in Singapore .

Five years later, we are now bigger and better. We have expanded globally with teams in nine locations: Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Toronto, Mumbai, Shanghai, Hyderabad, Manila, and Vietnam. We have a truly diverse team with over 20+ languages spoken, and a 51:49 female to male ratio. Our customers include individuals and institutions across all industries and around the globe, and their business decisions are powered by a community of 780,000+ domain experts along with the 24/7 support from our team.

But it does not stop here. We are entering a new inflection point in our journey. We are building the best place to seek, build, and share credible human expertise. 

Thank you to all of you who have accompanied us along the way!