Lynk Global参与世界经济论坛

香港—(BUSINESS WIRE)—作为一家初创企业,Lynk Global在短短四年间便成为 “知识即服务”(Knowledge-as-a-Service,KaaS)行业的领先企业,年营收也自上年翻了三倍。在世界经济论坛上,Lynk联合创始人兼CEO Peggy Choi(蔡碧琪)将发表演讲,通过成功经验,探讨 “第四次工业革命” 带来的经济动力、近期在中国涌现的外向型创新,和新一代中国企业家如何、为何走出了和上一代截然不同的营商道路。

作为 “知识即服务” 行业的领先企业,Lynk将积极参与世界经济论坛的 “第四次工业革命中心”,以推动革命过程中的技术进步和成果收益。“第四次工业革命中心” 将政府、领先企业、公民社会和来自世界各地的专业人才连结起来,共同设计创新的政策,并共同引导以创新的方式规管新兴技术。Lynk的共同创办人和CEO蔡碧琪指出:“我们的专业人才网络包罗了来自不同角度的,可信的专业意见,有助于建立发展框架和议程——这对促进技术指数级的增长来说,是不可或缺的。”


— Peggy Choi(蔡碧琪)




Lynk Global joins the World Economic Forum

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lynk, pioneer of the Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) industry, is actively engaged with the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to foster the revolution’s technological advancements and benefits.

The Centre brings together governments, leading companies, civil society and experts from around the world to co-design and pilot innovative approaches to the policy and governance of new technologies. Lynk’s Co-Founder and CEO, Peggy Choi, asserts, “Our network of experts represents diverse and credible perspectives, contributing to frameworks and agendas necessary to facilitate the exponential advancements in technology.”

Peggy will be speaking for her second consecutive year at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2019 (1-3 July) in Dalian, China. This year she will share insights on China’s recent outward innovation, given the rapid developments in China’s very own technological revolutions. She will explore the pressing question of “How is a new generation of Chinese companies embedding outward-facing innovation and globalization in their DNA?”

“If a company has a global vision, it is pivotal to start with global DNA from day one.” Start your access to @LYNKglobal’s #kaas platform now. #wearelynk #lynkcurated

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Peggy’s topic serves as a vital dialogue starter for understanding how the adoption and innovation of technology can enable emerging economies to evolve through the Fourth Industrial Revolution equitably while continuing to scale globally. Peggy stresses the most critical gene at Lynk: “If a company has a global vision, it is pivotal to start with global DNA from day one.”

Peggy will also discuss how the new generation of Chinese companies is born with a global ambition of innovating outwards by leveraging a global network, in comparison to earlier generations of Chinese business that only expanded abroad after achieving domestic success. She shares her experiences as an innovator in the technology space, having the dynamic experience of leading Lynk onto the global map, with clients such as the world’s leading corporates, investment houses, consultancies, startups, governments, and institutions.

Having tripled revenue since 2018, Lynk is a leading technology company developing a human intelligence network and is excited to make its impact upon the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Tune in for Peggy’s Hub Session and Panel Discussion next Tuesday (2 July) at the upcoming Forum, where she will highlight the fundamental and competitive components that enable organizations to innovate outwards. To learn more, visit